Our Platform
Adviva Health’s clinical decision support platform was created in collaboration with clinicians, health information technologists, and human factors experts. We understand the core problems prescribers face and have created a solution that meets their clinical and workflow needs.
Our Platform
THE FOUNDATION: Single-View Reconciled Comprehensive Medication History
Seamlessly integrated into the client EHR, The Adviva Health Application gathers disparate medication related clinical data feeds from external and internal sources then uses proprietary algorithms to create a single reconciled comprehensive medication history list.
USER CONFIGURED DASHBOARD VIEWS – Improved Clinical Decision Support for Optimal Medication Therapy Outcomes
Patient-specific controlled substance alerts

Controlled Substance Index (CSI) score alerts care providers to the potential risk of controlled substance medication misuse or abuse

Fragmentation of care risk alerts report the number of unique controlled substance prescribers and dispensing pharmacies

Morphine Milligram Equivalent (MME) per day alerts providers to the cumulative dose of opioid medications their patient is taking.

Patient-specific medication non-adherence reporting

Identifies newly prescribed medications that were not filled by the patient (primary non-adherence)

Identifies medications the patient has not been taking as prescribed (secondary non-adherence) using Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) scores

MEDICATION TIMELINE – Harnesses the Power of Information Visualization

Our interactive Medication Timeline screen incorporates innovative interface usability features that allows providers to quickly review the patient’s complete list of medications over a 12-month time period in a single view

The Timeline illustrates when a patient starts and stops taking a medication (gaps in therapy), active versus inactive medications, and pharmacy fill dates complete with adherence scores